Starfire Water

Starfire Water • alkaline water pH 8.5+ with Etherium Gold

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Get Ready for Starfire Water

If you haven’t tried Starfire Water, this is your chance. Starfire Water is a negative ion charged water, just as in nature, which enables deep, cellular intake through Aquaporins, the floodgates to hydration.

  • Starfire Water™ is a proprietary alkaline water (pH 8.5+)
  • Negative ion charged water with Etherium Gold for brain health
  • Bottled in BPA-free plastic bottles molded in our Los Angeles facility

Just select bottle size and the number of cases. Available in two sizes, 42.2 oz big bottles (12 per case) or 16.9 oz slim bottles (24 per case). For glass options, click here >> 

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With Starfire Water Monthly Delivery, you can save over 40% with a subscription, and cancel at any time.  Get more information, click here. >> 

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