The Most Hydrating Water

Introducing the most hydrating water on the planet.

That's because Starfire Structured Water is infused with Hydrogen Structuring Technology introduced by a syndicate of water enthusiast, and making it the most energizing, detoxifying, anti-oxidizing and hydrating water on the planet. Using [hydrogen fortification] vortex technology, we’ve created hexagonal water that quenches your thirst from inside out.

Starfire Water is the Most Hydrating Alkaline Water

"The problem with most water is that the body can’t actually absorb it, as the water’s composition can’t properly seep into the cells."



You see water isn’t just water. If you’ve ever gone for a run and then stopped at a drinking fountain to drink some water, you may have experienced the feeling of the water not really quenching your thirst, besides tasting terrible. The problem is that the tap water is essentially sewer water with all the gunk inside of it and even with basic filtration on a basic level it is still sewer water.

Now, some people think that spring water is a good solution, but spring water, while a better step because of its purity, its molecular structure still isn’t the best because it is a simple molecular composition. You may have also heard of those alkaline machines that some people buy. While changing the pH (potential hydrogen) is helpful, that still doesn’t change the molecular structure i.e. surface tension and bonding angles.

Starfire Water is different. Our water is spinned for several hours in a vortex to change the [hydrogen] composition of the water at a molecular level. Your cells suck up this water like a sponge. Plus, it tastes better than anything else. Quench your thirst.