Improved absorption of nutrients, which leads to healthier skin & hair, better sleep, and supports efforts in weight-loss and fasting.

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Starfire Water Trustpilot Scrore: Excellent
4.6 stars on

"Changed my life and body! Love this water. Wouldn't put any other water above this one."

- Stacee

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"Starfire Water in glass bottles = perfection."

- James W.

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Trustpilot Reviews

Thank You for this FANTASTIC Water!!

First, the water taste absolutely fantastic. Secondly, delivery is always on time and Quick!! Thirdly, it is hard to find excellent water or a company who stands behind their claims. This water is fantastic!! What ever they do to it, the taste is smooth, detoxifying, and yet energizing. I will NEVER be without this great water….ever!

- Sherri Howard

Water so luxurious...

Starfire Water is the absolute best water ever! The delivery is always extremely fast & efficient. I definitely feel luxurious every single time I order starfire water, and I know I am doing my mind, body, soul good. Only downfall! I wish they’d deliver the glass bottles I prefer to not drink out of plastic. Love y’all at starfire. :)

- Carli Williams

Best and most effective water I've ever had!

It was recommended to me by a very informative erewhon employee. He mentioned he drinks it and told me how pure and how effective the water was. My nephews loved the water as well and they're picky. The taste is so pure and so good!
Best of all it's very hydrating and the effectiveness of this water is the best!

- Stacy Angel

Starfire Water. Starfire Service.

Quick delivery! I was saddened when my usual local spots didn’t carry Starfire water anymore so I was glad to be able to have it serviced directly to me. And it was nice to have a little wave & smile exchange with the delivery person. Made the purchase feel more personable. Thank you!

- Adri Reyes

I'm very happy I discovered Starfire Water!

I am very pleased with Starfire Water. I noticed a positive difference with my energy levels right away. I have had skin issues on my hands for quite some time now, & it is now beginning to clear up! I'm on my 4th day of drinking it. It just feels good, & taste good.

- P. P.

Starfire water is the best!

Starfire water is the best water I've tasted. I used your delivery service for the last several years. The delivery service has always been timely and staff is very friendly and professional,

- Shannon Dilbeck

I love this water and was so excited to…

I love this water and was so excited to learn that I could have it delivered. It was delivered so quickly; days before I expected it. It was wonderful to have it arrive at my doorstep without having to move it from a store to my car to my home.

- Megan Maixner

Starfire Water Trustpilot Scrore: Excellent
4.6 stars on