About Starfire Water

Starfire Water™ is a Proprietary Alkaline Performance Water (pH 8+)

Established in 2011, Starfire Water utilizes breakthrough 21st-century quantum water technology to create an ultra-hydrating, alkaline drinking water.

What Makes Starfire Water Unique?

Starfire Water’s proprietary process transforms any water source into a supercharged, negative ion alkaline water. With a trace amount of Etherium gold and minerals added, Starfire Water has a smooth & light texture, with a taste you will love.

Always Alkaline  - To reduce or eliminate inflammation in your body and help your body absorb more of the nutrients from foods, you should always drink alkaline water. Most popular brands, such as Fiji, Voss, and Smart Water, are either acidic or pH neutral, and do not help with inflammation or promote nutrient absorption.

Structured Water - Water is naturally structured, but water from the tap is not and neither are most water brands sold in stores. Unstructured water goes right through you, while structured water removes toxins from your body.

Infused Water - Most water is just water. But we infuse Starfire Water with trace amounts of minerals and Etherium gold. For more information on Etherium gold's health benefits, click here

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Starfire Water is proud to sponsor socially conscious events and charities that present nourishing ideas and transformational leadership for the people of the world into a new paradigm of inclusive and convergent communities.