About Us

Starfire Water™ is a proprietary alkaline performance water (pH 8.5)

produced using breakthrough 21st-century quantum water technology. Starfire Water is treated with ultraviolet ozonation, infrared stimulation and electromagnetism for a negative ion charged water, as in nature, allowing deep, cellular intake through aquaporins, the floodgates to hydration.



Structured Water - Water is naturally structured, but water from the tap is not and neither is most water sold in the store. Unstructured water goes right through you, while structured water removes toxins from your body.

Energized Water - Even structured water on the market, isn’t energized. When you taste our water, you’ll feel a tingle on the roof of the mouth. That’s the energized water. It gives you energy for life.

Infused Water - Most water is just water. But we infuse our water with Etherium, a trace form of liquid gold, known to facilitate higher awareness.

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Starfire Water is proud to sponsor socially conscious events and charities that present nourishing ideas and transformational leadership for the people of the world into a new paradigm of inclusive and convergent communities.