Etherium Gold Infused Starfire Water

So why do we infused Etherium gold with Starfire Water?

Because gold is one of the minerals know for its anti-inflammatory properties. Gold has long been know as money. But the truth is, it has a lot of other health benefits other than being rich.

Starfire Water is Infused with Etherium Gold

Did you know that you are an electrical machine? Your brain and nerves fire electrical impulses. These impulses must travel down well insulated paths or they can fail to meet their destination. If you have a short in your car stereo and a good signal is not getting to the speaker, you may get fuzzy sound or no sound at all. You body is like that stereo. With out the proper minerals, you short out or cannot perform as well as you would like. When the short is real bad, you cannot perform at all or we call it disease.

In car stereos, they use gold plated ends to provide a crisp clear connection. In the human body, we use gold too! We cannot just eat any old gold off of our wedding ring or the wires of our stereo. This gold must be small enough to enter the human cell with out digestion. If the gold is in flakes or too large like colloidal gold, it must be digested, or broken down. Some times large minerals like these do not stay in the digestive tract long enough to be digested and pass through with out much benefit.

A better choice is to get the gold in a form that is all ready in it's smallest form. What is the smallest form of gold? It is Angstrom gold. Angstrom gold is the smallest form of gold available today. It is so small it can enter the human cell without digestion. Angstrom gold does not have any fillers or other excess baggage with it like colloidal gold can carry with it. Angstrom gold is pure gold infused into Pure water using angstrom's special process.

50 PPM or parts per million of Angstrom gold is so much more powerful than 50 ppm colloidal gold. So you ask how is that? they have the same PPM? it is because Angstrom is so much smaller it can enter the cell and colloidal cannot with out digestion.

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Etherium Gold's History and Health Benefits


Here's an Example:

Let's say you have 50 gold BB's. They weigh 1 lb. And you have a bar of gold that weighs 1 lb. They are equal aren't they? The weight is equal, but the size is different. They are both the same material, Gold. You can take the BB's and put them in a pop bottle one by one and they all fit. But the bar of gold has to be broken down to smaller pieces before it will enter. Eventually you could break it al down and get it in there but it takes time. The Pop bottle represents your cells. Angstrom size minerals will enter the cell( this applies to all angstrom minerals) easier because they are smaller than a cell. The same principal is true with larger minerals like colloidal. They have to be broken down. Colloidal minerals are larger that a human cell.

Now we add the time factor of digestion. Even though the mineral was needed by the body, the size of the minerals was in a form that had to be digested( broken down). But the food, or the supplement containing the mineral was pushed on through by normal digestion before it could dissolve. That is why smaller is better. Angstrom gold is smaller than colloidal gold.
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